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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holocaust Study In Germany and Poland

So on a completely personal note, but having to do somewhat with psychology...I am studying abroad this semester in Germany and Poland to research the psychological effects of the holocaust. Many have looked to the holocaust to understand such phenomena such as groupthink, anonymity encouraging deviant behavior, the influence of propaganda, psychological projection, the resiliency of the afflicted, and many many more psychological as well as social psychological-related occurrences.

On another personal note, my grandfather is a veteran of WWII and was a Prisoner of War. He was an American soldier in the United States Army who fought on D-Day of Anzio beach, where he was captured. He then spent the rest of the war in a Prisoner of War camp in Germany (now it is located in Czarne, Poland) called Stalag IIB Hammerstein. It has been recorded as one of the worst P.O.W. camps in Germany. So you can imagine my personal connection with this study since I was also the third generation after my grandfather and father to serve in the military.

So Auf Wiedersehen and Do Widzenia! Wish me luck!